A short train trip to Cirebon

During a short term break earlier this year, we decided to take the kids on a day trip to Cirebon, a neighbor city. The leisurely train ride took about 3 hours and for the kids and me, this was the first ever time on a train in Indonesia. It’s not a bad way to travel, but you definitely need to bring your own entertainment.

Cirebon is known for their Batik and we had a quick look at how the hand-made ones were done. The patterns are very intricate and time consuming using a ‘canting’ and a pot of wax. Needless to say, it’s also back-breaking work. These would go on to sell for millions of Rupiahs per meter and are one of a kind.

The streets of Cirebon are quieter than Jakarta but no less interesting: it feels like how Jakarta was in the 1980s. Much like our capital though, there’s not much greenery to talk about and the ground is usually dirt covered.

Fujifilm X-T2 + 23mm f/1.4


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